Increase Productivity

These hooping aids allow the operator to quickly load an item and attach the hoop for embroidery. By removing the tiresome operation of hand-hooping, the user can prep significantly more items in less time.

Reduce Injury

The repetitive motion of hand-hooping, along with the strength and pressure required to attach the hoops, will quickly lead to stress and strain of the hands, carpal-tunnel syndrome, and more. These hooping devices automate that portion of the process, drastically reducing stress and injury!

Speed Production

Empty machines cost time and money! With these powered hooping devices, your staff will prep items for embroidery much faster than when hooping by hand, which means projects move through your shop faster!

"Third Hand" Garment & Cap Hooping Aids

These machines make efficient work of the hooping process for garments and caps for your embroidery operation. Powered by air, these machines eliminate the common problems of repetitive stress and strain when hand-hooping items in your shop. Increase productivity and reduce injury with these machines today!

“Third-Hand” Garment & Hat Hooper

With 50+ years in the embroidery business, we have endured our fair share of repetitive stress injuries, carpal-tunnel syndrome, and other ailments that used to be an unfortunate part of the embroidery business. We weren’t satisfied with this, however, and we set out to solve the problem. As a result, we have developed the “Third Hand” hooping machines. These machines make quick work of the hooping process by utilizing an air-powered placement system. The operator simply positions the garment, or cap in the machine, loads the hoop, and activates the mechanism to press the hoop.

How To Purchase

Join the numerous embroidery shops who have added these devices to their production process, enjoying increased productivity and reduced injuries.

Garment Hooper
  • Air-Powered Garment Hooper
  • Includes Custom Hoop Ring
  • Foot-Pedal Included
Cap Hooper
  • Air-Powered Cap Hooper
  • Table Mount Included
  • Pre-Drilled For Your Cap Gauge